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SUPREMA LEO version is studied to wprk with our control boxes LEO2 and LEO, our MAMMUTH LEO racks and our GRID CADDY LEO. Through this items is possible to view and set the temperature from 20°C to 110°C.
From 2016 the SUPREMA LEO tyrewarmers present sensors not compatible with the previous version.


The development of materials and production techniques along with the important evolution of electronics, mad us "the" innovators in this sector. Among the many technical issues, we can highlight the most important:

DIGITAL management of temperature of very high precisione and with a stability of reference thanks to the use of the most advanced technology. We are one of the very few companies able to offer the management of tyrewarmers and of their temperatures through a control box, which guarantees high performancs and offer the possibility to hace graphics and diagrams of system.
HEAD SPREADER fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, realised with precious metal alloys) able to diffuse perfectly the heat and reduced drastically the consumption of electricity, thanks to the best thermal efficiency. Included in all our models.

DescriptionTyre's measures
Set Suprema Leo Small/ Medium S | 90/17" M | 120/16-17"
Set Suprema Leo Medium/ Large M | 102/17" L | <=180/55-17"
Set Suprema Leo Medium / XLarge M | 120/17" XL | from 180/60-17" to 205-17"

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