Grid Caddy


CAPIT designed this product as a "portable MAMMUTH". On the starting grid and in some small paddock-box, the use of our racks is not easy or impossible. So thanks to our GRID CADDY you will have the opportunity to use and manage from 2 to 4 tyrewarmers (2 motorcycles / 1 car). All the electrical and electronics parts are integrated.

Only the power plug is external so it can be connected to the generator when you are on the grid or to the electric circuit network when you are into the box. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum (less than 10kg), can be disassembled in few minutes removing only 6 screws and can be closed into a minimum space (l.506 x h.1020 x d.210).

The versions SPINA2 (1 bike set) and SPINA4 (2 bike sets or 1 car set) manage our tyrewarmers model SPORT, MAXIMA SPINA and MAXIMA VISION; The versions EVO2 (1 bike set) and EVO4 (2 bike sets or 1 car set) manage our tyrewarmers model MAXIMA LEO .

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